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Give to Shluchim how you want to, when you want to!

Invest in Shluchim

Shluchim.Fund gives you the opportunity to invest in the personal needs of shluchim so they can focus on their shlichus. Today you have the ability to give to shluchim how you want to, when you want to. Choose a fund or shliach to invest in, support their families growth and be a partner in their shlichus.

The Shluchim

There are so many Shluchim in need of support; support for themselves, their families and their Chabad House. Shluchim.Fund is a platform that makes it easy for a Shliach (or a representative) to set up a fundraising page on a platform designated exclusively for the personal needs Shluchim.

The Investors

Today there are many supporters who have given millions of dollars to Shluchim's personal needs. Shluchim.Fund will help donors leverage their giving and help find new people to invest in the personal needs of shluchim.

By creating a single platform supporters can find the causes that interest them the most, gain more transparency, and have the ability to see the impact of their giving. Shluchim.Fund also helps supporters leverage their gifts to encourage other people to support a shliach's personal needs.

Shluchim.Fund will provide an opportunity for Shluchim’s needs to be seen in a way that has never been seen before and enables supporters to rally around those needs.

Creating a platform and a supporting network of donors will significantly increase the amount of funds the Shluchim receive.

Investment Opportunities

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Individual Causes and Funds
Donors (Investors) can choose to support a specific cause or an entire “Fund.” There are four fund types.

Wellbeing Supporting the personal needs of the shliach and his family. This would include support for mental health, special needs, fertility, tuition, medical needs and more.

Startups Supporting families who are going out on shlichus to open a new Chabad location. Shluchim.Fund provides a space to create a one-time seed funding campaign from their friends and family.

Tributes Tribute campaigns are a way for donations to be made in honor or in memory of a Shliach or Shliach’s family member. These campaigns can be used for milestones, birthdays, memorials and more.

Ideas Supporting a new program idea that a shliach would like to pilot for his Chabad House. This allows for investing in scalable and replicable campaigns to benefit all Shluchim.

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Investors who are looking to make a larger impact can set up their own match opportunities on specific causes. Choose how much you want to match, the match multiple (X2, X3, etc), and when you want the match to end.

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Investor's Circle
This opportunity is for larger investors who would like to play a role in helping build and shape Shluchim.Fund. The Investor’s Circle will receive special investment opportunities and be a part of the decision-making process on new Shluchim.Fund development.

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Donation Transparency Statement



All causes will receive 100% of the money raised minus the credit card processing fee of 2.9% +$0.30 of every transaction.


Donors have the option to give an additional amount (tipping) to help Shluchim.Fund manage the platform.


Optional additional donations that are made will be used to cover the following:


Development and Maintenance of the Shluchim.Fund platform


Customer support services


Project management team


Administrative staff

*Tipping will will not cover all costs. Generous donors will help cover the remaining costs. If you would like to partner with the Shluchim.Fund and donate you can donate here.

Fund Disbursement

Wellbeing Causes will be distributed immediately and on an ongoing basis. Funds will be disbursed regardless if the goal is reached. All other fund types will have funds disbursed within 7 days of the cause end-date.

Shluchim.Fund is a project of Beth Chabad of Greater Downtown Detroit
278 Mack Ave, Detroit, MI 48201
Tax Id: 46-3290012

Shluchim.Fund Team and Advisory Board


Yisrael Pinson
Tzvi Schectman

Advisory Board

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