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Shluchim ask for URGENT medical Funds!

Sholly Weiser Coordinator


"We are so thankful, humbled and touched by the outpouring of love."

While we BH managed to raise a significant amount for this family (on the chesed fund website), we unfortunately did not reach our goal of the much needed $180,000.00.

With the New Year approaching, please, please open your hearts and help us finish this campaign for this special family. Lets help this family face the coming year with hope for a brighter, healthier, more secure future for their children!

May the Aibeshter pay you back manifold and bless you and your family with a healthy new year and an abundance of revealed good!

It's a blessing that hospital walls can't talk...

While we lead our community with dedication and care, few are aware of the chronic pain our family endures- day following night.

As a mother and Shlucha, together with my husband, I lead others through the Jewish cycle of life. Yet in our own home, the cycle of life has been tragically disrupted, and is crumbling.

We were blessed to have and raise a beautiful family, but have tasted the bitter pain of three sick children, with the unimaginable sorrow of burying one ל"ע.

Currently, we are faced with the hurdle of other children battling a severe, degenerative heart disease.

As shluchim, we have the zechus of giving endlessly to others, bringing them closer to Hashem.

But now, we are officially SHATTERED...DEVOID OF STRENGTH. WE CAN BE ALONE IN THIS NO MORE, and so we turn to YOU, our community, for HELP.

It has been an agonizing battle, a medical maze with countless hospital visits, treatments.. and surgeries.

The children need ONGOING MEDICAL CARE to maximize their chances of life, but HOW can we do this when our basic needs are not met??

The medical procedures, care and consistent involvement in battling this disease are all consuming, paralyzing our ability to provide.

We shudder at the thought of the upcoming surgery LOOMING OVER OUR HEADS, that we CANNOT FINANCIALLY cover (this specialized surgery is not covered by insurance) - My husband and I are overwhelmed, broken and exhausted.

We are STUCK! STONEWALLED by medical and financial crisis.

ALL forms of financial aid and assistance have been exhausted. At this moment, there remains NOWHERE to borrow from ( and no way to return such sums) . NO one else to turn to - other than you...

We beg you, to PLEASE REACH INTO YOUR HEARTS and HELP US SUSTAIN LIFE for our children...

It is so, so difficult to ask for help. Yet when there is no alternative, we turn to you AND BESEECH YOUR SUPPORT.

May Hashem repay you A THOUSAND FOLD for this chessed and keep you and your families safe and well.

*Below is a letter from Rabbonim and Askanim endorsing this plea for help:



raised of $100,000 goal

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